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A place to gather with family, to entertain friends, to nourish body and soul…

The most popular (ahem “lived in”) rooms in your home deserve the finest furniture and accessories—but that doesn’t mean you have to pay the highest prices. Striking the perfect balance of form, function and scale is both a talent and an art driven by the right options. Your furniture is the foundation of your style, with every piece showcasing your unique taste. With the right furniture, you can transform your home—and your life—with the turn of a sofa table or the addition of a new buffet.

Living and Family Rooms that Live Just Like You

Common rooms are social hubs and need to hold up their end of the bargain—basically, they need to optimize your down time, the days you play host and those epic gatherings you’re famous for. It’s where everything gets done from all-night Uno games to helping the kids with their homework. This means comfortable seating, plenty of storage and accent pieces that aren’t just a pretty face.

Choosing the best furniture for these spaces means your living room will live up to its namesake. It’s where your best living will be done for several years. It needs to be comfortable. It need to be classic, yet rich in character. It needs to be durable, especially if there are little feet (furry or otherwise) running around it (and, let’s be honest, sometimes on it). There are endless sizes, shapes and styles of furniture, from uber modern to classic and everything in between, and Details has the most choices so you can customize your “living” room.

Bring Your World Together in the Dining Room

Wining, dining and family-style bonding, oh my! If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is the pulmonary artery where all that hard work ends up. It’s where you gather to share stories, break bread (sometimes with a beverage of your choice—and sometimes for hours) and maybe where you multi-task on a work project from time to time. Ideal for game nights, reading, arts and crafts or drafting the next great American novel, it’s not going to happen if you’re not comfortable. Good news: You’re no longer stuck with “just” a table and chairs option. From benches to corner nooks, complementary sideboards to china hutches, dining room furniture has evolved. It’s now more flexible and storage-friendly than ever, and you reap all the benefits.

Dining rooms can be a high traffic area, prone to spills, dropped glasses and especially raucous poker games. Fine furniture needs to be both gorgeous and durable. Functionality is key, but not at the cost of good looks. You deserve superior craftsmanship and the finest materials, partnered with exceptional design, to create a look that works for you. Timeless, modern, traditional or formal? It’s all on deck at Details—how’s that for just desserts?


Your bed is the ultimate escape. If you don’t feel like you’re floating on cloud nine every night (with plenty of lumbar support, of course), then you’re cheating yourself. A major part of proper sleep hygiene is a supportive bed that puts you in the lap of luxury. At Details Comforts for the Home in Salt Lake City, you’ll feel like you’re being pampered in a five-star resort bed every night—without the temptation of an all you can eat buffet in the morning. Offering the most sumptuous of bedding and fine linens for bed, bath and table top, who says indulgences are only for vacations? Choose from a wide range of styles and colors featuring the most in-demand luxury brands

Fine Furnishings, Art and Accessories are Our Specialty

Details Comforts for the Home is Salt Lake Valley’s premier resource for all furnishings, art and home accessories. Serving individuals, businesses and designers, we match your passion for the finest quality. We’re committed to you the same way you commit to a built-in entertainment center—and our service is unsurpassed. Visit our expansive showroom for a little inspiration and feel free to linger or snap a few photos for Instagram. Don’t worry, there are no high pressure sales here, so you can browse and fantasize to your heart’s desire.

Think your home is an investment? So is your home furniture. Quality furnishings will be by your side (or at times underneath your bum) for many years. At Details, the professional staff is happy to work with you to hand-select those special pieces that reflect your style. And if you’d rather work solo? That’s perfectly fine, too. It doesn’t matter if you have a house, apartment or condo—your living space is a sanctuary and deserves to be treated as such. Find out what Details Comforts for the Home can do to bring out the vibrant, welcoming space your home has hidden inside.

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